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Free Wiki site - allows you to open and manage
a free wiki site with the same site engine of Wikipedia - Free.

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What is a Wiki?
Wiki is an online technology that allows to create a collective information website on the internet.

Designing is fast and simple. The content can be written and edited by everyone. Every user has the abillity to edit and enhance the existing content.

Learn more about wiki. ·

Examples for Ideas you can use Wiki for
  • Website about common hobby like movies, pet, computer games etc
  • Shared documentation of a product, service, process etc
  • Organization knowledge data base
  • Event calendar
  • Announce and share important news
  • Construct common how to.. or FAQ sites
  • And more...

You can start your own free wiki right now!

Learn about our different wiki hosting solutions:

Personal Wiki - free

If you are interested in a small Wiki page\branch. You can open a Wiki page under this website. No installation\setup is required, without a complicated wiki management system, and without tools to manage users and user groups.

Get your Wiki page now.

Group Wiki - free
You decide about the content of the Wiki - Which pages will be open for sharing and which will be for read only.

Your Wiki will run under the same interface as WikiPedia project.

create your wiki now - The creation process is fast and simple.

Advanced Wiki

In addition we supply advanced Wiki on our webserver, without advertisement, and with access control.

Have your own Advanced Wiki today.

Active Wiki's under this site

Last 10 Edits in english wikis:

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How to edit Wiki pages

For a full guide of editing wiki pages, please visit: Edit guide.

Have you read about or experienced editing wiki pages ? Practice in our sandbox.


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